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Get to know the ALLCAN Events Inc. Crew

Director - Georgia Grigorakis

Hi there. My name is Georgia Grigorakis and I am the founder of ALLCAN Events Inc.

I put pen to paper over 2 and a half years ago planning to Fundraising Events for Australian Cancer Research and various Cancer Foundations within Australia.

We all have been effected in some way with Cancer surrounding around us on a daily basis. May it be a family member, a friend or someone you may know has had a loved one effected by Cancer.

I have witnessed friends suffer from Cancer and beat the disease though I have also lost loved ones to Cancer over the years. I lost my father in law to Bladder Cancer in August 2015 and this has prompted me to get my ideas out there sooner.

Last of all I cannot thank my husband and two beautiful daughters enough for their endless support.

Director - Leanne Pelligana

I am a mother of 3 children, and a swimming instructor of 20+ years. I have lost family and friends to cancer, and have some who are still battling. I know that there are many organisations that fundraise, I thought it was a great idea if we could add some good old family fun to the mix. I have helped with fundraising for many years, I'm on the fundraising committee at my children's school. I was also on the commitee of my cousin Sandra's Fundraiser 'Bottom's Up Fundraising Inc'. I am looking forward to moving this fundraiser on and upwards.

Rosa Crowther

Katherine Tzelepis

Hello Beautiful Souls,

My name is Katherine, I am a mum of 2 boys and wife to my first love of 16 years.

I came across the ALLCAN group recently and was asked to join this beautiful cause. I have been close family friends with Georgia for many years with an inseparable bond. Through Georgia I have come to meet the beautiful girls also part of this amazing committee ALLCAN EVENTS.

My professional and crafty passion is my Wellness Business which began in 2010.

I manufacture Organic Products to “Soothe Your Soul”. ALLCAN EVENTS has come at the perfect time with our business growing into the Wellness Industry we want nothing more than to soothe souls!

At some point in our lives we have been or possibly will be affected by a loved one with cancer! Just saying the “C” word makes me feel unnerved inside.

However it is not all bad! Did you know that now more than ever thanks to Modern Research and funds donated to Cancer Institutes around the world there are more cancer survivors?

So my mission is to keep raising funds through the sales of by Natural Handmade Products. From each item sold 20% of sales will be donated to these Institutes through our committee ALLCAN EVENTS.

Please visit out Instagram Page #coconutdreamsaustralia and join our wellness blogs

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Wellness Living Australia

Katherine: 0407 557495

Alisha Edwards

Will be up soon.

Keep your eye out for ALLCAN Events Inc. Raising more funds for All Types of Cancer Organisations. Events will be held by ALLCAN Events Inc. to cater for all ages.

Why Us?

We can think of a million reasons why you should get on board with us. However, we don't want to tell you to get on board. We want you to make your own decision and get on this amazing ride for your own personal reasons.

Looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you.